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Job Posting for Patrol Officer



Position: Patrol Officer
Date of Posting: 11/28/2023            Closing Date: Open

JOB DESCRIPTION: Patrol City of Brownsboro, adhere to Brownsboro Police Department policy and procedures. Interact with the citizens of Brownsboro using community policing strategies and techniques. Answer calls for service within the City of Brownsboro. Arrest offenders as required by law.
SALARY RANGE: $50,000.00 Annually, sign-on bonus with one-year contract.
SHIFT RANGE: 10 Hour Shift, 2 hours on call, four days on, three days off. INCENTIVES: Uniforms and ballistic vest priovided. Take home car provided for officers who reside within 20 mile radius of Brownsboro City Limits. Paid insurance and retirement package.
MUST: Be 21 years or older, possess valid Texas Drivers License and Current Certified Peace Officer License, have a  high school ddiploma or GED.
MUST: Have Honorable Discharge from prior law enforcement or military service and must be willing to work in a small-town environment with flexible schedule.

APPLICATIONS available at Brownsboro City Hall, 11351 Willow Street, Brownsboro, Texas or you can call at (903)852-6761.
You can also find a copy of the Police Officer application by clicking here.